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Lawyer serving Windsor, Tecumseh and surrounding areas for your Wills & Powers of Attorney

We understand that death can be emotionally and financially burdensome for loved ones left behind.  Let our firm assist you in making the critical decisions that affect you and your estate.  Our firm can assist you by providing various services in regards to your estate matters including preparing your wills and powers of attorney for property and personal care as well as survivorship applications, and more.


A will is a legal document by which an individual can express his/her wishes as to how his/her property is to be distributed at death.  Our firm can assist you with addressing various issues relating to drafting your will, including appointing one or more persons to manage your estate until its final distribution and naming a guardian for the care of your minor children.

Preparing a will is critical if you:

Get married, have children, or separate from a spouse

Have monetary assets such as investments, savings, etc.

Own property

Own a business

Travel frequently

Want to leave specific property to specific individuals or money to specific individuals or charities

Powers Of Attorney for Property and Personal Care

A Power of Attorney is a legal document that gives someone the right to make decisions on your behalf.  Powers of Attorney only apply while you are alive and cease to be effective on your death.  The Power of Attorney for Property allows someone to make decisions with respect to your financial affairs.  By preparing this document, one can oftentimes avoid the significant expense of having a guardian of property appointed through the courts.  The Power of Attorney for Personal Care allows someone to make decisions with respect to your health care.


We invite you to contact our office to schedule an appointment to discuss your estate planning needs.

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